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Are you the busy parent of a college bound kid who wants to secure a top tier education -- without massive debt?

This e-book contains a "quick and dirty" guide to a major key to a #DebtFreeDegree -- The College Entrance Essay.

Also called the "Personal Statement," this one piece of writing can mean the difference between a rejection letter and an acceptance letter, not to mention that every lucrative scholarship requires a gripping essay!

In 5 Easy Steps, your screenager can take advantage of my 20 year teaching career, and have a private writing teacher right in their computer screen! 

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Get The Acceptance Letter contains everything you need to respond to the prompts on the Common Application AND the most popular scholarship essay prompts .


Picking the perfect Writing Prompt and crafting your "Claim."


Writing a conclusion that “seals the deal.”

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Polishing the essay to (near) perfection.


Inserting the stories that tug at the heartstrings and prove your claim.

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Why writing the introduction last is a "secret weapon."


Copies of Exemplary Essays that have "Gotten The Acceptance Letter."

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A Book For All Skill Levels

Get The Acceptance Letter uses language for people of all skill levels, whether you’ve been an "A" student in English or it was your worst subject. This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your writing so that you can create an essay that makes admissions committees want to meet the writer!



A Book Based On Experience

I bring the full weight of my 20 years of teaching, my doctoral studies, my professional writing career, and my inside knowledge of colleges and universities to bear on the lessons in this book. I JUST saved a parent $48,000.00, and another $40,000.00. Along with the students I've taught over a 20 year career, that translates into millions of dollars, and thousands of acceptance letters and scholarship award notifications.

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A Word From The Author

"After nearly 20 years as an English teacher, first in high school and then in college, I began helping students privately when I saw that there were many more students like me. They needed a knowledgeable adult, an advocate. So I became what I'd needed."

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