What if your child has to take out massive student loans and suffer under the stress and weight of them for the next two decades?

Debt makes you hurry up and "get a job," instead of a career. Let's be real, some of us even took out student loans we're STILL PAYING OFF! 

Your child deserves a future clear of the obstacles and obligation of massive debt. Your child should not be punished for making good choices, and getting into college with a lifetime shackle that drives many people into bankruptcy and tax liens, and wage garnishments. 

"I didn't know where to start."

Sabrina and her husband were veterans with second careers and FULL PLATES. Not only did they not have the extra time to devote to finding scholarships, but they weren't sure where to start.

The How To Find Scholarships Parent Academy was a Godsend to them because it gave them the confidence to know their daughter Alex was working on the RIGHT tasks at the RIGHT time, with a proven expert.

No. Student. Loans.

HOW TO FIND SCHOLARSHIPS Parent Academy . . . 

Contains the complete system I used to net my son and my clients a #DebtFreeDegree.

This community does it everyday, and now you can too.

You’ll Get:

Exclusive access to a step by step plan that shows you how to get your kid into college AND debt free!

Exclusive access to a "braintrust" of parents from all over the country sharing resources!

Exclusive access to me, the #DebtFreeDegree Expert," as a private college counselor through one on one calls that happen EVERY MONTH!

Exclusive access to a BILLION DOLLAR BANK of 2000 scholarships and more added WEEKLY!

Need Proof? Check out these testimonials!

"We Knew We Wouldn't Qualify For Financial Aid."

Christine and her husband were raising two sons with full schedules. Their son Diego had his heart set on film school since he was a small boy. They made a commitment to support his dreams, but film school in is expensive. To top it off, they earned just enough to not qualify for most need based aid!

The How To Find Scholarships Parent Academy taught them how to appeal for more money from schools, and negotiate a "#DebtFreeDegree". Diego was accepted to a prestigious film program and will not have to take out ANY LOANS.

"We Were Behind & Started Late."

Roxanne and her son Jordan were feeling anxious about the college timeline. They knew they should have completed some tasks already and they had not started others.

The HOW TO FIND SCHOLARSHIPS Parent Academy provided a framework using checklists, and other tools so they were on track in no time.

Roxanne said: “We just got our first scholarship today from KU-$11,000 renewable for 4 years!! Last week we received notice that he is being invited to apply for [KU’s] two biggest academic scholarships!! So we go there for a weekend in November for the interview and competition. He was also accepted to Missouri Science & Technology and University of Missouri!!. We are preparing scholarship applications for both. my understanding of the whole college admissions, ACT and GPA, scholarship processes, and the importance of starting early is what drives us. Now, we are ahead of his friends. Thank you!!”

"We Refuse To Shackle Our Son To Two Decades Of Debt."

Tisha's son Nevan had been a good student who was active in clubs, especially the debate team. It was through debate that he began going to a summer camp for debaters at a selective private university. They were so impressed with Nevan that they offered him admission, and a substantial scholarship.

But there was one catch.

The scholarship required several essays, and for him to fly in for an interview.

Tisha joined the The HOW TO FIND SCHOLARSHIPS Parent Academy where Nevan received help writing the essays and coaching for the interview.

Nevan graduated debt free and is now a policy analyst for a gubernatorial candidate in his state!

I'm the founder, Treasure Shields Redmond, and I am known as the #DebtFreeDegree Expert. I used my twenty year teaching career in high schools and colleges to develop a #DebtFreeDegree Blueprint that has saved me and my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I created the HTFS Parent Academy after I realized busy parents of college bound teens need to know: 

  • How to OVERCOME Scholarship search OVERWHELM. 
  • How to FIND the TIME to help your college bound teen search & apply for scholarships.
  • How to UNDERSTAND confusing FINANCIAL AID terms & numbers.
  • Simple strategies I've been using in secret that generate scholarships EVERY day easily, and no one really uses them yet.

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